I was born in New York City but spent my childhood in Greece. I began painting on the island of Paros and went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts(Painting) from Rhode Island School of Design. I have more recently studied with Paul Martin and Alastair Gordon at Leith School of Art.

I use colour and symbol in a way that references late-modern abstraction in order to paint life-size figures in oil on large canvasses. I make no attempt at physical likenesses: I am interested in a person's character, their internal portrait. I apply many layers of paint and, at a certain point in this very physical process of applying, removing, scrubbing, and scumbling the oil paint, a figure begins to emerge. I can then begin to work with this figure. Despite this lack of pre-meditation, my figures are my own answer to a challenge set out by H.D. Thoreau in his book Walden: " Moreover I, on my side, require of every writer, first and last, a simple and sincere account of his own life..." My paintings are, in effect, as sincere an account as I can give of my own life and of the people nearest me.

 Greek Byzantine icons and Cycladic figurative sculpture have a strong influence on my work, due to my childhood in Greece; their simplicity of form and strength of spirit inform my own approach to the human figure. Also of great importance is the work of my grandmother, Jo Jenks, one of whose black granite, hand-carved figures of a woman stood in the garden of my family home for many years.

I currently live and work in the Scottish Borders. I have work in private collections in the U.S.,the U.K.,Greece,Germany.